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When choosing sunglasses for yourself you must consider your facial features and your face structure. You must know which pair of shades best suits your face. After all you are wearing sunglasses to look chic and also protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Cat eye sunglasses are great for women who have a heart shaped face or long oval shape face, but they look cool on everyone. Cat eye eyewear was immensely popular in the 1950s and 60s. Cat eye shades have a very feminine touch and thus look great on women. Hollywood celebs like Scarlett Johannsson, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Cate Blanchett are often seen flaunting this feline eyewear. Not only sunglasses, but cat eye frames for spectacle glasses also look quiet fashionable.

Women’s cat eye sunglassesnever go out of style. They are a perfect fit for the style goers. Whether you are planning to buy a pair of cat eye sunglasses for yourself or want to gift it to someone, you can find a large variety of women cat eye sunglasses at HelloShades. You are not only donning cat eye sunglasses to look trendy but also want to protect your beautiful eyes against the sun. Do not worry! HelloShades offer a wide range of polarized cat eye sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses reduce glare and help you have clearer vision by moderating UV rays. So check out all the good buys of polarized cat eye sunglasses from HelloShades and look like a Hollywood diva.