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There is a reason why sunglasses are made in so many different shapes and sizes and it is not just to increase variety for the sake of it. People have different types of faces and each type of sunglass is designed with a particular face shape in mind. Of course there are some sunglasses, such as the wayfarer sunglasses, which will look great on all types of faces and there are some faces that will go well with all types of sunglasses but these are just the exceptions. Getting the right sunglasses begin by understanding the type of face that you have and then looking for the sunglasses that will go well with your face. Face types are classified into 4 main categories which are explained below.

1.Oval faces

Oval faces have the unique distinction that they tend to be more generic and will go well with almost all types of sunglasses. They are usually longer than they are wide, although the jawline may be slightly smaller than the forehead. People with oval faces also usually have high cheekbones to go with them as well.

2.Square faces

When you think of square faces, think of celebrities like Brad Pitt, who have strong jawlines, wide foreheads and long, wide cheekbones. This face is best suited for glasses with larger, oversized frames. Aviator sunglasses for men and aviator sunglasses for women should fit nicely onto square faces as well as rounded and semi-rimless glasses.

3.Round faces

For people with round faces, the height of the face tends to be shorter and have rounded jawlines as well as wide foreheads that match the widths of their cheekbones evenly. Wayfarer sunglasses and rimless frames are good for this kind of face but they should not have big rounded forms.

4.Heart faces

Shaped like hearts, these faces are usually narrowest at the jawlines and widest at the forehead making them ideal for cat eye sunglasses as well as wayfarer glasses with square frames.