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Sunglasses elevate every look. Not only do they help hide those dark circles around the eyes, at the same time make you look chic, classy and posh. While buying a pair, you must look for ones with 100% UV protection as these will provide complete protection against sun’s UV rays.Especially when you are staying outdoors, be it winter or summer, sunglasses will protect you from the scorching sun during summers, as well as protect you from the piercing sun and snow during winters. Prolonged exposure to sun can lead to many ailments related to eyes.It is important to choose shades that will not only protect your eyes but also the area around eyes which tends to get wrinkles due to exposure to sun.You can go for the oversized aviator sunglasses, with 100% UV protection to give a more full protection.Wrap-around sunglasses are even better, as they block out light and glare from all the sides. One can also opt for mirrored aviator sunglasses which are in vogue and will add to your style statement as well as protect your delicate eyes. Other styles include round, mirrored glasses and round cat-eye sunglasses whichlook quite snazzy and just smarten up your overall look. Again a reminder, always buy sunglasses of highest quality as it is the matter of your eyes. Highest quality here refers to 100% protection against UV rays. Do not just and buy a cheap plastic pair of shades.You must get a pair of lenses that protect your eyes from the glare and harmful rays.

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