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Ever heard of the saying that fashion repeats itself? Well, the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s are back with a bang ready to claim their rightful spot. Retro sunglasses have hit the fashion industry hard once again. Vintage sunglasses have notably played an important role in fashion over the decades. However, it can be tricky to pull off a cool look if you are new to this style. We’ve got some tips on how to give your style a pop with a cool pair of 80s sunglasses or John Lennon sunglasses.

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Retro Sunglasses

Vintage sunglasses on their own are already flashy, catchy, and hard to ignore. Show off your shades by wearing minimalistic clothing, and the let shades work the magic in bringing style to your overall look. After all, isn’t simplicity the ultimate in sophistication?

For a free spirit, there is no limit as to how retro you can be. Go all out and pull off an unexpected look –  something that will turn heads in wonder. For instance, wear some cool tortoise shell sunglasses if you’re usually shy about style. If you are bold enough to push the limits, why not pair cat eye vintage glasses with that vintage coat in your closet for a fun retro look. Alternatively, pairsome awesomehipster sunglasseswith modern attire. Mix it up and see how it plays out –  you might just discover a new style which adds oomph to your personality.

The shape ofretro sunglasses is another aspect you should consider. We all have different shapes of our faces, and it is very important to know which vintage style fits well with your face. The two main types of faces are round (wider) and straight (longer) face. If yours is the former, cat eye sunglasses will work much better since they are wider. If you have a straight face, the most appealing ones tend to be women’s aviator sunglasses. Considering these two pointers will assist you in making the right choice in retro sunglasses.

Apart from the choice based on your face, there is also your heart! You might just find yourself falling in love with sunglasses suited for round faces, yet you have a slender face. How do you go about wearing them and still look cool? The solution? Wear them however you want! There is only one person to please when it comes to your sunglasses fashion – You! If you like it, wear it.You can also make a statement by pairing your vintage glasses with single color clothing. For example, try them with white clothing and the contrast between the attire and glasses will be amazing.

If you have not tried out vintage sunglasses, you are certainly missing out! Be the envy of all your friends with the coolest shades in town! Whether you are looking for men’s Clubmaster sunglasses or women’s brand name sunglasses, we’ve got you covered!

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