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Polarized Sunglasses cut the glare

See Clearly with Polarized Sunglasses

How do Polarized Sunglasses work?

You might be wondering what exactly are polarized sunglasses, and that’s an excellent question. The simple answer is that polarized sunglasses help reduce glare and stop too much light from entering your eyes, but it’s more complex than that. The sun’s rays are normally traveling in all directions, but when they strike a solid flat surface like the hood of a car or the water on a lake, the light bounces off this surface and goes directly into your eyes. The result of this concentrated sun light is a lack of depth perception, distortion of colors, and even temporary blindness.

This is where your sunglasses with polarized lenses come in. Polarized lenses are coated with a special chemical designed to stop specific rays of light from entering the eye. This helps you see more clearly and images appear sharper. Polarized lenses are great for activities such as sports, fishing, or driving. The harmful effects of sun glare can especially be seen while driving on a sunny day. Sun easily reflects off the hood of your car or off other cars as well. Sun glare can also be clearly seen during an afternoon on the lake, the flat and reflective surface of the water is the perfect place for sunlight to gather and reflect into your eyes.

What is the difference is between polarized sunglasses and sunglasses with tinted lenses? Tinted lenses will reduce brightness, but they won’t reduce the glare like polarized lenses will. Tinted lenses are not coated with any special chemicals to prevent harsh sun rays from getting through your lenses. In fact, wearing dark tinted lenses is actually often worse for your eyes than wearing no lenses at all! The darker the tint means the pupil of your eye will have to expand to accommodate more light. When your pupil expands, more light enters your eye, and since tinted lenses don’t protect against strong sunlight, this can do more harm than good! So consider wearing polarized sunglasses for men or women and show the sun who’s boss.

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